First Time Property Buyers’ Checklist

First Time Property Buyers’ Checklist

Buying a property could be the one primary reason most people work and save for in the greater part of their lifetime. It provides the people with a sense of safety and stability. Most people are looking to buy properties these days instead of renting or leasing because the real-estate market is a constantly growing market, rebounding its way back from the hit it took due to the pandemic and also renting and leasing are for a short term and the return on investment isn’t as substantial in comparison to buying as the value of the property increases gradually.

Challenges faced by first time buyers

People consider renting over buying a property over a few reasons. Firstly, it gives them a feeling of having lower liabilities. Paying a rent of 10,000 to 12,000 for a property that costs around 50-60 Lakh seems to be much affordable than paying an EMI of around 25,000-30,000 per month for the same property. Basically, it all boils down to affordability of the project.

Buying a home was seen as a status symbol by those born in the duration of 1950s and 1980s. Millennials, on the other hand, consider saving that amount to fund their overseas trip, buying a new car or a flashy phone.

Before renting a property, a number of formalities must be taken into consideration such as depositing a security amount and signing an agreement with various clauses including increase of rent by a certain percentage after every year or depending on the owner. The concept of leasing and renting is only for limited period of time and considering how the pandemic impacted the tenants who moved away for the lockdown but still had to keep paying rent for all the months they were away and the rents have increased all over, whether it maybe commercial or residential. The commercial real-estate market was one of the worst struck markets as many projects that had to be paused due to the sudden pandemic resulted in cancellations of pre-existing deals all leading to heavy losses for the builders, hence the market is ready for new buyers and many builders have introduced interesting offers to indicate so.  

Tips for the First-time buyers

  • Decide the kind of property you are willing to buy
  • Decide and stick to a budget for the investment you are ready to make
  • Determine the location you want your property to be in
  • To choose between hiring real-estate agents and using different real-estate websites
  • Choose a reputed builder
  • Visit the project site for a tour to understand it better
  • Try and negotiate the price to your budget, if required
  • Get a thorough appraisal
  • Close the sale


At TMR Group, we offer a wide range of NA plots for you to choose from. These plots are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and are located in a gated community which offer 24×7 security. The plots are also strategically located in prime destinations so that you get good returns on your investment. So, if you are a first-time buyer and need to shortlist on a property, TMR Group would be an ideal place to start.

Property Tours in today’s time

Property tours in today’s time

A property tour is usually done for the purpose of visiting, inspecting, and assessing the property. Property tours help in assessing and authenticating a property in person. There are several benefits of doing a property tour before making a deal. It’s the first and foremost parameter for any kind of property buying and hence it should be considered every time you long for buying any residential or commercial property. In this blog, we are going to have a look at what really makes property tours so significant. 

Helps you compare

While buying any kind of residential or commercial property, one usually considers a variety of other options before locking any particular property. The highly competitive real estate market has a variety of options to offer in a given budget window. Hence, property tours help in assessing a property physically. The size, shape, material used, built and other such aspects can be thoroughly inspected in person when one decides to buy a property. 


A property tour also helps one authenticate the existence of a property at the promised location. It also helps the buyer to know the builder who is offering the property and also helps build a bond of trust between themselves. At times, things differ or are completely different than what is projected in the image or website. Having a property tour makes one eliminate all the doubts and also helps one compare every aspect that is being promised with a particular residential or commercial property. Doing a property tour also helps one see, register construction activity on the project site through which one can also measure or assess the pace, and other details of the project. Also, authenticity in terms of the project’s documentations, are quite necessary to evaluate while you are on a property tour.


You won’t wish for an awful entrance that leads you to a luxurious apartment. Doing a property tour helps you assess every element of the property thoroughly. The roads that lead you to your dream property, the location, the entrance gate of the property, accessibility, surroundings of the property, hurdles, and all such criterions can be rightly scrutinized when one longs to buy a new commercial or residential property. Apart from this, each location/property carries an aura, a vibe that makes you feel at ease or gives you that portion of solace that you would want to cherish for the rest of your lifetime. And to experience such an element, visiting a property in person or to say doing a property tour helps a lot. Call it vibe or vastu, people do believe in the energy that a particular place carries. If the individual believes to own a vastu-compliant project, making sure of it can only happen by visiting the property site personally. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Virtual Reality (VR) has received an unprecedented response in the real estate industry. Technologies such as VR are helping developers tap their target audience online and make them experience the property through virtual walkthroughs and more. Property plans are created in 3D are mounted onto a technology platform that helps buyers access is it from any part of the world. Buyers are able to visit properties without even stepping out of their homes. However, VR has certain disadvantages when compared to property tours in physical. VR is developing at a never seen before pace but still has not been able to match what the real experience or real walkthroughs offer. Also, as said, experiencing the vibe of a place is not really possible through virtual reality technology. Attempts are being made to include a wholesome experience for such virtual tours and maybe in the future, these VR tours would get closer to what real property tours offer. 

At TMR Group, we make sure that every individual who visits our property ticks off all the parameters that help them make their buying process simpler. With a wide range of properties ranging from residential to commercial to gated community projects, when people visit TMR Group for property tours, they are in for a ride (pun intended).

Plus side of customization – Buyer’s Perspective

Plus side of customization – Buyer’s Perspective

The ever-rising demand for homes has given real estate an unprecedented boom. Every day new developers are joining the highly competitive arena and the buyer is being offered a plethora of options for home buying. Where ready to shift homes range from 1 RK to 5 BHK’s and more, plots are making their own space in minds of people with the freedom of customization it offers. Here we are going to look at the plus side of customization for a buyer.

From the scratch

Homebuilding is an experience – an experience which is truly enticing in unique ways and also stands as a once in a lifetime event. Ready to move homes fail to offer this experience, process and hence buying a plot and building your dream holds special importance. It all starts with a piece of land. Buying a plot is the first step that a buyer aims for. However, before buying land, its location and geography must be taken into consideration. Your dream is to shape your creation the way you wish. One can plan for a big bungalow which utilizes the entire plot or one can opt for building an adequate sized house with an open area for lawn and more. As said, customization in its truest essence is a form of creation hence one can be as imaginative as possible. You get to witness the magic unfold from day one to the day of your housewarming and each day is going to bring you more joy as you see your dream being built gradually.

Customization – The structured plan

Have you been imagining your house with a swimming pool or a perfect sized play area/lawn? It’s all possible for you and your family. The very next task is finding the right architect for your dream home and placing your needs for what kind of home you imagine. A duplex, bungalow, or a specific type of architecture, details it to your architect who would help you with a plan for your home. Building a home also gives you a freehand to think till the last moment and changes can be made till the last moment which helps in keep making the place better and better. You get to choose the quality of material to be used for your home and a variety of such things. Right from what lights will embellish your home to what kind of gate will open the doors to your dreams, from choosing your favourite colour combinations to choosing your favourite pattern of roof, each and everything is decided by you which helps in uber-customization.

There are several materials which go in for constructing a home. Here are some items that require attention when building a home from scratch:

–  One has to select good quality of steel for building the framework and for building a strong foundation.

–   A buyer has to shortlist what kind of cement will be used for the construction and also will be used in the concrete. Concrete is a composite building material made from the combination of aggregate (composite) and a binder like cement.

–   Another element that goes into construction is – sand. Sand is essential for construction and having good sand helps to build a robust structure.

–   There several types of bricks used in construction in India. Some of them are – Burnt clay bricks, sand-lime bricks, concrete bricks, fly ash bricks, and firebricks.

–  When the structure is ready, one has to pay attention to what kind of wood will be used for doors, what kind of furniture will complement the theme of the house, and more.

Homebuilding is truly an alluring experience. As it is a cascade of your aspirations, keeping this checklist in mind will help in constructing a structure of stature and significance.

At TMR Group, we understand the significance of building a home and hence we strive to offer you the best always. We strategically lock prime destinations for you to not only build a home but also ensure that the value of your home sees increment with each passing year. We ensure that plots are in perfect sizes that suit your needs at the most efficient prices. Here, we just don’t sell plots, we help people with their dreams and that’s what makes us feel content with each plot that we sell. This inspiration keeps our heads high and drives us to do more with each passing day. Your dream property awaits you at a prime location in Hyderabad. Come, experience, and live the dream of building your dream home with TMR Group.

Buying a home VS Buying a plot

With the growing pace of life, home buying is on a rise throughout the country. All over India, ingenious projects are being developed to satiate the aspiration of many Indians of owning a home. As it is a once in a lifetime event, people are considering various options in the housing premise. Where unique flats with modern amenities are being offered at large, buying a plot comes with the ease of customization and other aspects to suit the different needs of people. When such is the case, understanding vital insights of both sides is important and for the same, here are key touchpoints that would help you.

Buying an apartment

An apartment is an entity created for a general sale. It’s kind of a product developed or built for mass consumption. The specifications are decided by the developer of the property which might or might not suit all the needs at once. Where many developers have started considering Vaastu essentials before erecting towers, some might overlook and offer you a flat which might not be Vaastu or Feng Shui compliant. There are chances of rooms being extra small or huge in size without offering you the liberty to customize them as per your requirement. At times, a buyer of the apartment may be deprived of the freedom to change the shape and size of the construction area. Now let’s look at some of the reasons why one should own land or a plot.

Buying a plot

Buying a plot can happen in two different ways – buying it to build a house or as an investment. Buying a plot gives a free hand to the buyer for developing the property according to their own choice. Where complete customization from the scratch enhances the value of buying a plot, constant monitoring for development can prove to be a task. However, the freedom to do anything with the plot stands the choice of the buyer. This in turn gives ‘buying a plot’ an upper hand in comparison to buying a flat. Buying a plot as an investment can also be very beneficial. With time as the property rates surge, having a good resale value of the plot can be a profit-making deal. Hence buying a plot has its own advantages in comparison to buying a flat. However, there is more to this for considering the resale of a property and hence understanding the topic in depth is essential.

Resale Value

Most people prefer buying a plot after comparing the resale value for a plot versus a flat. Again, buying a plot gives a freehand to the next buyer by utilizing the existing home or by building a new one according to their own will. With the increasing cost of construction and escalating land value, there are many buyers for buying independent houses. The value of the plot built home is also more due to direct correlation with the amenities within the house and accessibility around it. After comparison and research, it has been noticed that houses have a higher resale value than flats because the buyer gains possession of the land, as well as the house, has been constructed.

At TMR, we understand your needs and then suggest the right kind of property that would complement your aspirations. Hyderabad – rising as one of the flourishing cities of India has many advantages. Starting from climate, geographical location, connectivity, and more have made Hyderabad one of the cities to look up to. Owning a plot here to build a home or as an investment is surely going to make you land on the profit side.

How Credit Score impacts your home buying process?

How Credit Score impacts your home buying process?

Your credit score impacts your home buying process in a big way. It is the reflection of your creditworthiness. When a bank or a financial institution appraises your loan proposal, the first thing it does is to look at your credit score. Through this score they determine whether you are qualified to get the loan or not.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a number that is a representation of your credit history. It consists of the number of accounts you operate, total levels of your debts, repayment history, your credit card usage and so on. Your lender bank checks this credit score to evaluate whether you are capable of loan repayment or not.

How much credit is needed to buy a home?

The range of the CIBIL score is generally between 300 and 900.  You can buy a home if your minimum credit score is 580 and above. Credit score close to 900 is extremely good. Credit score below 500 is considered very poor and the banks do not grant loans to those who have such score. People with poor credit score can buy a house with conventional fixed rate mortgage scheme with higher interest rate.

How to improve your credit score?

When you are thinking of buying a home by taking a bank loan, check your credit score. If it is good your loan will be approved immediately. If not you can improve your credit score before applying for a home loan.

Here are the ways to improve your credit score

  • Keep the track of your credit report. Analyse it and identify the mistakes if any. Get them corrected.
  • Pay your credit card bills on time to be financially responsible and avoid paying extra interest. Spend within your credit limit.
  • Pay your EMIs regularly and in time. If you are defaulting on them it will reflect in your credit score and you will not be trustworthy for a home loan.
  • Focus on your home loan. If you want to take other loans such as travel, furniture postpone them.
  • Check the payment history of your co-applicants. Their credit score has to be in the correct range too.

Of course there is no need to panic if your credit score is low. Raise it up with timely payments before you apply for a home loan. This will make your home buying process hassle free and delightful.